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How to stop jQuery mobile js to apply styles to my specific form elements

add the following script before including jquery.mobile.js

Then you need to include  data-enhance=”false”  to your page where you want to stop jQuery mobile js apply styles


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Custom date format with jQuery validation plugin

You can create your own custom validation method using the addMethod function. Say you wanted to validate “dd/mm/yyyy”:

And then on your form:

then put the class=”myCustomDate” where you need this validation like you use class=”required” on Jquery validation .

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How do I get anchor href value on click using jQuery?

It is a good idea remove inline JavaScript, for example:

if you  do not want confirm dialog then simply do this

it will  goes to the page which you put on a href section . thanks

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CSS class Adding by using JQuery

Is it possible to adding a CSS class to the 1st occurance of an element on a page? I have a list of lines like this: <div class=”classtest”><a href=test.html”></a></div> <div class=”classtest“><a href=test1.html”></a></div> <div class=”classtest“><a href=test2.html”></a></div> <div class=”classtest“><a href=test3.html”></a></div> Is is possible to add a CSS class (class=”myclass”) to just the first occurance of the above […]

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Random Image Auto Refresh By Jquery

For displaying the random image from the available images, we can do this by writing a little code by the help of jquery.For implement this you have to download jquery library from the web .

You have also required to declared the array of images which you are going to show with auto refresh.Then copy and paste the following code you can find your solution.Enjoy it…

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Tutorials:How jQuery Works

jQuery: The Basics This is a basic tutorial, designed to help you get started using jQuery. If you don’t have a test page setup yet, start by creating a new HTML page with the following contents:

Edit the src attribute in the script tag to point to your copy of jquery.js. For example, if […]

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What is JSONP?

jQuery 1.2 introduced JSONP support, but on initial read of the release notes, I wasn’t completely sure what it was – so for anyone else that might want the Dr Seuss explanation.
You need to mould both your request and response to handle JSONP – and in doing so, you can have cross domain JSON requests.
JSONP is script tag injection, passing the response from the server in to a user specified function.
Your server will need to return the response as JSON, but also wrap the response in the requested call back, something like this in PHP (hosted on http://myotherserver.com):

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