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Editing the Magento Navigation

This is not a comprehensive example (I didn’t write out an example of editing the navigation myself … yet) – but I will point out where the files are that you need to edit the top and left navigation.

This is a tad complicated because of the use of javascript in the navigation, but it’s not too bad. It ends up being a bunch of functions which just spits out the proper HTML and javascript to get things going (and some code to retrieve the categories).

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How possible to Run Magento Code Outside of Magento Core

Finally time for a new post! (Something I’m surprised I haven’t covered yet).
This post will inform you on how to run Magento code outside of Magento. All you need is to have access to Magento’s ‘app/Mage.php‘ file.

This will be handy code for a few things:
* Integration with 3rd party items – shared sessions, or just shared themes
* Ajax calls – although not the preferred solutions for Ajax calls, it is a quick and easy one

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Move mini-cart anywhere in Magento

Hi all – Here is my solution to a question I’ve seen asked many times: How to move the cart sidebar into the header area. You can use this technique to move it anywhere. This is not the only way to do this, but it is a useful one.
1) Copy the the block for the cart side bar:

//there is also this full code in my version 1.1.3


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Override a Magento core block class : How Can I?

This tutorial will show you the proper method for overriding a Mage core class. This will work for Block and Model classes. Controllers are a slightly different story and for another tutorial.

Some discussion on breadcrumbs: I will be overriding the Core file: app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Breadcrumbs.php (which I will call [Breadcrumbs-B]). This file is not to be confused with the block: app/code/core/Mage/Page/Block/Html/Breadcrumbs.php (which I will call [Breadcrumbs-A]).

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How Do I Set Up Table Rate Shipping?

Table Rates can be set up in 3 different ways; Weight and Destination, Price and Destination and the Number of Items and Destination. To set up Table Rates go to System -> Configuration and Select Shipping Methods from the Left Navigation. You will be able to set up your default values for the Table Rates here, but the rates themselves are entered on the Website level.

Let’s first set up our default configuration for the Table Rates.

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