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Getting Mac Address from PHP

here is the code for grab the mac address .. ob_start(); // Turn on output buffering system(‘ipconfig /all’); //Execute external program to display output $mycom=ob_get_contents(); // Capture the output into a variable ob_clean(); // Clean (erase) the output buffer $findme = ‘Physical’; $pmac = strpos($mycom, $findme); // Find the position of Physical text $mac=substr($mycom,($pmac+36),17); // [...]

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E-mail Sending from localhost in Windows Environment in PHP

1) Open the “php.ini“. You should know where it is located because it depends upon the particular server you’re running.
2) Search for the attribute called “SMTP” in the php.ini file.Generally you can find the line “SMTP=localhost“. change the localhost to the smtp server name of your ISP. And, there is another attribute called “smtp_port” which should be set to 25.I’ve set the following values in my php.ini file.
SMTP = smtp.domain.com
smtp_port = 25

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