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Laravel Installation Proces in Windows – Xampp


My Computer Spesification

  • OS Windows 7 SP1

XAMPP Portable Setup

  • Download , locate , extract and rename to your directory . (  ex  E:\xampp ).

COMPOSER Manual Setup

  • Run XAMPP Portable Control Panel v 3.2.1 ( E:\xampp\xampp-control.exe )
  • Start MySQL Services
  • Start Apache Services
  • Click Shell button in the right corner to open XAMPP SHELL BASH Command Prompt
  • type    cd e:\xampp\php
  • type    php -r “eval(‘?>’.file_get_contents(‘https://getcomposer.org/installer’));”
  • wait until the installation is complete
  • type php composer.phar .if you look at the composer title screen, then your installation successful
  • next create the new filename  composer.bat  on the   e:\xampp\php    directory so you can access composer syntax from any xampp directory
  • type below on notepad




php %SUBDIR%<span class="skimlinks-unlinked">composer.phar</span> %*


  • save as composer.bat and locate to    e:\xampp\php     directory
  • Now close the XAMPP command shell bash
  • Restart MySQL and Apache services on the XAMPP Portable Control Panel
  • Open XAMPP command shell bash
  • now just type composer  it will show composer title screen on shell bash. or type composer -V to show the version


  • Open XAMPP Portable Control Panel
  • Dont forget to activate Apache and MySQL
  • Run XAMPP Portable SHELL Command Prompt
  • type cd E:\xampp\htdocs
  • type      composer create-project laravel/laravel       ( this is add laravel dependency source class manager to your mylaravelproject )
  • wait until finish downloading dependency class manager to your laravel local project  ( if you dont know the dependency management read this or this )
  • After finish   type on your browser   http://localhost/laravel/public     It Show your laravel project home view

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